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Immerse yourself the culture and get to know the locals through activites only available in Akita. You'll make memories that will last a lifetime. 
Mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. Temples, theaters, and museums. There's something for everyone to explore.
Akita has long been a culinary and farming hub of Japan. Dig into famous dishes like kiritampo stew, hinai chicken, and butter mochi.
Hot Springs
Relax after a long day of exploring at one of the many hotels or hot springs in the area.
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English guide book to help you plan your trip.
Event Information
Event Information
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Winter Events
After a long winter, the sakura (cherry blossoms) and other flowers in Akita  burst forth with brilliant color. Visit one of the many festivals celebrating the season of flowers.
Summer is the season of large festivals in Akita. Every town hosts a number throughout the season, each with their own unique traditions.
Akita celebrates the harvest season with festivals showcasing local specialties, like the Kiritampo Festival. The region also events centered around the famous fall foliage.
Take advatange of Akita's snowy winters by attening one of the several festivals held to celebrate the season.