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Akita Nairiku Railway

Ride the scenic Akita Nairiku Railway as it crosses 94.2km through pristine natual scenery from Kakunodate to Takanosu. Rows or old samurai houses line the streets of Kakunodate and the Mt. Moriyoshi area in Kitaakita is home to the Matagi hunter culture. Enjoy the history, culture, and natural beauty of Akita on this one of a kind railway.

Aniai Station new station building opening!

On April 1, Aniai Station started duties in a new station building.
The appearance is all in stylish black. The station building becomes the space filled with a pure white wall and the warmth of the tree.
The slightly small waiting room became large so far.
The counter of the train view is new, too. I use the cloth same as a seat for dog native train for the chair of the counter.
The popular "bear's cub bower" reopens the name newly as "village forest restaurant & cafe bear's cub bower" (April 7 plan).
The cafe menu is added other than a conventional popular menu and can have delicious coffee.
Besides, please come to new Aniai Station where the highlight increased by all means when a new Akita product is added to the souvenir corner.

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Train times and more information

Please visit the offical Akita Nairiku Railway homepage for time tables, fares, and more information.


Akita Nairiku Railway
41-1 Ani Ginzan Shitashimachi, Kitaakita
TEL: 0186-82-3231 (closed weekends and holidays)
Weekends and holidays:
Takanosu Station:      0186-63-0643
Aniai Staion:              0186-82-2136
Kakunodate Station:   0187-54-3758