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Meet Akita Dogs

Want to meet cute Akita dogs? Odate is the place to visit.
There are several locations throughout the city where Akita dogs are wagging their tails just meet you!

Asuka & Ako-- Odate Station Masters

   As part of a special initiative to introduce the wonder of Akita dogs to visitors, Odate City hired two full-time dog owners in 2016. Their furry companions Asuka and Ako work as animal ambassadors to tourists at the Akita Dog Visitor Center at Odate Station. In recognition of their hard work, the two akita dogs were named honorary station masters. Make sure to check out their social media accounts and say hello to them as your tour the northern Akita region!


 June 23, 2016
●Name origins
 From an Sanskrit word meaning "paradise". 


 June 23, 2016
●Name origins
 From a Japanese meaning "much loved red Akita dog".

Akita Dog Visitor Center

The Akita Dog Visitor Center is now open!
Enjoy meeting the two lovely (and furry) Akita dog ambassadors, Asuka and Ako!
Location: Across from Akita Station (turn left when exiting the station)
Hours: 9:00 - 15:30
ClosedMonday and Thursday. (Closed on Tuesday if Monday is a holiday)
Location:Next to Odate Station (Odate Tourism Association)
Closed:Monday・Thursday (Open on those days if a national holiday and closed the following open day)
*May close for events, etc. without prior notice.
August Closings:
4th, 5th, 7th, 17th, 22nd

Haru-chan-- Furusawa Hot Springs Greeting Staff

   Haru-chan started her career at Furusawa Hot Spring in June of 2017. Her name means "warmth" and is taken from the word for hot springs in Japanese. She's new to staff, but greets every guest with an excited wag of her tail. Stop by and see her on the job!


 March 10, 2017
●Name origins
 Haru means "warm" and it taken from the Japanese word for hot spring. After meeting Haru-chan you'll feel all warm and fluffy inside too!
Furusawa Hot Springs
Address:27 Niizuna, Odate City, Akita 
※Haru-chan may be out on walks

Nono-- Zerodate Art Center

Nono-chan spends her days at the Zerodate Art Center in the heart of Odate.
She has a lot of roles including participating in local events and doing PR work for art installations, but her most important job is greeting visitors to the center with a wagging tail.


 January 10,  2014
Name origins
 Nono's name was picked from over 200 suggestions and comes from Japanese words meaning "hope".
Zerodate Art Center (ZAC)
Address:9 Aza Omachi Odate City, Akita
Business hours:11:00~18:00
※Nono may not be at the center due to events, walks, etc.

Hokuto-- Ani Ski Resort

  Visitors to Kitaakita have been treated to seeing a real Akita dog at Ani Ski Resort since August, 2016.
  Hokuto, the dog, has his own private room at the main building where visitors can stop by and say hello to the friendly dog.


 November 30, 2016
​●Name origins
 Hokuto means "north star" in Japanese.
   He was given that name to act as a guiding light for visitors coming to Mt. Moriyoshi.
Ani Ski Resort
Address:79-5 Ani Kaginotaki Kitaakita City, Akita
※Hokuto takes days off with his owner. Please call beforehand to see if he is present.

Eito-kun-- Royal Hotel Odate

   Meet Eito-Kun, the newest and fluffiest staff member at the Royal Hotel!
Eito-kun, still jsut 3 months old, it a ball of adorable energy.
The picture below is Eito-Kun getting trained to welcome guests to the hotel.

Eito Nakamura

 July 10, 2017
●Name origins
   Eito (栄斗) got his name from the Japanese words sakaeru (prosper) and hokuto (north star). Put together, the words represent the hope that Odate City and its guests are prosperous in all things. Of course, it is also a pun on the the famous dog Hachi, whose name means "eight" in Japanese.

Hina Nakamura

 July 9, 2017
●Name origins
   Hina's name comes from the characters for Hinai neighborhood of Odate. Together wither her Sempai Eito, she works to greet guests at the hotel.
Royal Hotel Odate
Address:1 Chome-2-26 Nakamichi Odate City, Akita
※Eito-kun's house not yet complete. Please ask at the front desk to see Eito-kun.

Akita Dog Museum

   The Akita Preservation Society World Headquarters is also home to the Akita Dog Museum.
General enquiries are handled on the first floor, while guests can learn about the history of Akita dogs at the thrid floor museum.
Dogs are on staff at the first floor office on weekdays for guests who would like to pet and meet real Akitas!
Akita dogs on staff:5
 ・Pure white fur, Yuki (receptionist)
 ・Red fur, Kurobei
 ・Red fur, Gin
 ・Red fur, Puko
 ・Red fur, Madoka
※Guests can meet the dogs in the office on weekdays.
※One dog is kept outside in the dog house from mid-April to mid-November.
Akita Dog Museum
Address:13-1 Sannomaru Odate City
Business hours:9:00~16:00
Closed:Saturday afternoon: November 4 - April 20
              New Years: December 12 - January 3
              Afternoon: August 13

Hinai Roadside Station (Michi no eki)

 Stretch your legs at the Hinai Roadside Station and be greeted by cute Akita dogs. Every Sunday Akita dogs wait outside the station to welcome visitors to the area. The facility also includes a restaurant, souvenirs, snacks, and fresh local vegetables for sale. 
Akita Dog Meet & Greet
Dates:Every Sunday from May 13th - Octobter 28th, 2018
 ※Event may be cancelled due to scheduling
      conflicts, etc. Visit the Odate City website
  for the latest information. (Japanese only)
Hinai Roadside Station
Location: 秋田県大館市比内町扇田新大堤下93-11
Event Dates: Sundays between 5/13 - 10/28, 2018

Akita Dog Map