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Tori no Ichi (Food Festival)

Famous Hinai Chicken

Hinai chicken is renowned for its rich flavor and sought after by chefs around the country. Every January the Hinai area of Odate celebrates it's namesake chicken with the Tori no Ichi festival. There are games, performances (chicken calling competition!), and of course lots of food for guests to enjoy.
・Parking is extremely limited. Please take the shuttle bus and carpool to reduce congestion.
Where: Odate Hinai Ground
    (8 Kōshintai Ōgita Hinaimachi Ōdate City, Akita)
When: January 27, 28 2018
     ※2018 event finished
Contact: Odaty City Hall Hinai Branch Office
     Tori no Ichi Committee
     TEL 0186-43-7093