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Kosaka Christmas Market

First Christmas Celebration in Japan

When German engineer Kurt Netto was brought from Germany to help modernize the local mine, he brought German traditions with him. In the winter of 1873 Netto held a Christmas party with the villagers which is the earliest record of Christmas being celebrated in Japan. Today, the villagers continue to celebrate this history every December with a German-style Christmas market selling baked goods, hot wine, and beer.
Where: Meiji Hyakunen Dori (across from Kosaka Mine Office)
    (Furudate Kosakakōzan Kosaka Town, Kazuno gun, Akita)
When:  December 2, 9, 16
     23rd (soil, celebration)    
     17:00 to 19:30
     ※2017 event finished.
Contact: Kosaka Town Planning Section
     TEL 0186-29-5522